Shafiqul Alam Kiron is a documentary Photographer, founder member of Map Photo Agency and is especially very interested in social justice and it’s aspects. He believes that photographers have a duty towards society and should be aware of this in order to create general awareness and create an impact.

Kiron first started documentary photography in 1997 where he focused on the acid survivors and aspects of their social justice. His work during this period earned him the World Press Photo Award, and he became the first Bangladeshi photographer to have achieved this, consecutively twice (1st Prize, People in the News Stories, 1998 and 2nd Prize, Spot News Stories, 2000). The publication of his work in Europe (Paris March, Biba Magazine, New Internationalists, Sunday Times, REVU, De Volkskrant and The Independent, London) exposed the horror of acid throwing in Bangladesh. As a direct result, the Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF), an NGO dedicated to help the victims of acid throwing, was founded in 1999. Out of his social commitment, he has been volunteering for ASF since then. In the same year he was also awarded with the CARE France for Best Humanitarian Reportage. He is also the three times recipient of the Commonwealth Photographic Award.

Kiron has been professionally working with Humanitarian NGOs and Organizations like – UNICEF, Save the Children Alliance, Sightsavers International, Actionaid, Concern, ILO, ADB, BRAC, CARE, and CAMPE. He has been working with some of these organizations from as early as 1993. He was involved with project “SNL (Save Newborn Lives)” campaigned by Save the Children. In recent years he has been involved with project MaMoni Integrated Safe Motherhood, Newborn Care and Family Planning Project – which was a USAID supported campaign at Sylhet.

Kiron’s major exhibition was a month long show with UNICEF and Acid Survivors Foundation held at UNICEF premises, Dhaka. His images were part of a television documentary created by ABC Network in 1999. His works were also shown at the World Press Exhibition in Dhaka and in Amsterdam, Visa Purr L’Image, Perpignan and MAI-Photographies, both in France, known as the most prestigious photo documentary gathering in the world.

The last 17 years of his work has ben compiled and published in March 2014 – “UNSTOPPABLE The Courage Within”- a book dedicated to the acid survivors.