K M Asad (born 1983) Dhaka-based Bangladeshi documentary photographer and Journalist. Now I am present Photojournalist at Zuma press news agency and Contributing photographer at Getty images. I was done my photography graduation in 2008, along with my academic graduation. I made my own manner across this subcontinent, exploring the country by way of doing photography. 2007, when the cyclone (SIDR) scattered Bangladesh, I went to remote places to capture the dying condition of local people. Against those photos, hundreds of people got reliefs who were in need of foods and other staffs, funds. Tracing the narratives of my communities I was moved my lenses to realize the unconscionably of the sufferer. My work published in The Guardian- UK, New Internationalist, The New York Times, Asia Time, The Telegraph, Days Japan, Paris Match, The Daily Telegraph, National geographic magazine, Discovery Channel magazine, Feature shot, The wall street journal, Saudi Aramco world magazine, MSNBC, Smith Sonian magazine, Popist and many moor.