7th Mahfuz Ullah Memorial International Photo Contest 2023

The 7th Mahfuz Ullah Memorial Photo Contest 2023 is open to anyone worldwide.
Every father has a dream to fulfill through his son. My father had also the same wish. He always wanted to see me as a cancer specialist especially a radiation oncologist. By the grace of almighty God, I made his dream successful. I also became a photographer because from the beginning of my life I was deeply involved in photographic environments. My father was a very passionate photographer. He started his photography by Kodak baby browny, Yashica twin lens reflex and then Nikon with Mamiya large format. He had his own darkroom. So in my subconscious mind I used to love photography from my childhood. I was always my father’s model for photography. I had a doll. I always tried to enucleate the eye of that doll. One day he beautifully captured that moment that of me enucleating the eye of that doll. My loving wife still laughs after seeing that photo. My father provided me with all photographic equipment like Yashica, Contax with Carl Zeiss and Tamron lenses. In 1985 it was always a dream to have this superb equipment. My standard was Kodak Ektachrome, Ilford HP5 and FP4 film also with Ilford Multigrade paper. Without his endless support, I could not go through. He always appreciated my photography to others, even not in front of me. He was always concerned about my passion for photography and always thought that I can quit the medical profession for photography.
He died in 2004. After that, I always thought about how I could prove my gratefulness to him for my medical profession and photographic career. Then this is the idea that came to my mind to memorize my father’s lifetime throughout the world through photography. This will be a challenge for me to fulfill my dream successfully. All my family members and friends are helping me to succeed in his memory. I always pray to God to give me the courage and strength to make it a successful event. So, I request every photographer from every corner of the World to help me by sending their beautiful images to make my dream successful

Four Categories or Sections

Open Color

AFree subject any kind of color works: Still Life, Product, Objects, Music & Dance, Food, Fine Art, Fashion, Conceptual, Beauty, Abstract, Science and Research.

Open Monochrome

An image is considered to be Monochrome only if it gives the impression of having no color (i.e. contains only shades of gray which can include pure black and pure white)


Seascapes, Panorama, Nightscape, Mountains, Macro, Landscapes, Underwater, Trees, Star Trail, Flowers & Plants, Birds, Environmental, Astrophotography, wildlife.

Photo Travel

Any kind of Travel Photography, Trip memories & Adventures, Street Photography, Documentary, Photojournalism, Daily Life, Culture.

Salon Calendar

Closing date:  02 March 2023

Judging Date:  10 March 2023

Notification Date:  22 March 2023

Exhibition Date:  05 May 2023

e-PDF Catalogue Publish: 22 April 2023

Award Mailing:  25 May 2023

EDAS File sent: 24 April 2023

more information we will notify you

Dr. Rashid Un Nabi EFIAP/g, Hon.FBPS, APSG, ABPS, Hon.EFMPA, Hon. FWPAI

Chairman of the Salon

It’s a great honor for me to invite all photographers in the world to join the prestigious salon The 7th International Mahfuz Ullah Memorial Photo Contest 2023. I hope numerous armature & professional photographers will join this salon. World’s most talented and experienced jury board for each section will judge works.